Freelance Writer

Venture Optimize consists of a driven team that builds, optimize and expand performance marketing websites. We are specialized in SEO and BPM systems for efficient workflows and scalable ventures. All websites are in-house and fully owned by us. We are looking for freelance writers with experience in finance, trading and bitcoin topics.

The job will be writing well-researched and detailed guides, reviews and articles. You must be native/fluent in English and have good knowledge of the subject. All content needs to be well-written, informative and interesting to read. Your workload will depend on how much you and our team can handle. Venture Optimize always has content in the pipeline awaiting research, writing, and publishing. The minimum requirement is one publication per week for freelance writers. We have different types of publications with different priority, pre-work, and content amount.

Everything published needs to be well-researched and contains as information-dense content as possible. You need to prepare the publication by reading everything you can find on that subject to include every single piece of information. The preparation and research work takes longer than writing some types of publications. It is important for us to provide a complete overview for the visitor.

Publication types

We focus on writing basic guides for those who want to get started, but also more in-depth guides. The visitor can read and compare extensive reviews of companies and services. We have three main types of pages listed below:

  • Reviews: A review of a service or product in the market. Publication with highest priority and quality requirements. Writers get detailed instructions about content, sections, headlines, and sources. Demanding research before writing is needed. Publication length is 3,000+ words.
  • Guides: A guide for a specific topic. Publication with high priority and quality requirements. Writers get detailed instructions about content, sections, headlines, and sources. Demanding research before writing is needed. Publication length is 2,000+ words.
  • Articles: Relevant stories happening around the world. Writers have more freedom to choose subject and content. Good understanding of the subject is required. Publication length is around 1,000-2,000 words.


  • Native or fluent English skills.
  • Good understanding of finance/crypto topics.
  • Be diligent, perceptive, insightful and hard working.
  • Minimum one publication per week.


  • Formatting and publish articles through the WordPress CMS.
  • Stay updated and choose finance/crypto news to write about.
  • Perform thorough research before writing content.
  • Publish at least one publication per week.

Team members will get their own account on our work site. There you will find your assignments, task instructions, important documents, work updates and more. All tasks need to be submitted on our work site. For communication, we use Slack. You will recive an invitation if your application is considered.


We use a payroll model based on payment per task. For writing content, we pay our freelance writers approximately $0.05 / word. Your payment is done on a monthly basis. This is a part-time job unless you can manage several countries or have English writing experience in the finance market. The workload will vary depending on projects and other team members. Contact us for more details about the payment.

Apply here

Please send information about yourself and explain why you’re the right person for the job. Be sure to attach or link to previous work. Applications without writing samples will be ignored. In your application we want the following information:

  1. Attachment or link to previous work.
  2. How much you can write per month.
  3. Types of publications you are used to writing.
  4. Kind of topics you want to write about.
  5. Your background and current occupation.
  6. Where you live and where you’re from.
  7. Your expected rate per word and payment.

You can apply for the job by emailing us at [email protected] The subject should be the job you apply for. We will evaluate your application and get back to you in due course.