Product Owner

Venture Optimize consists of a driven team that builds, optimize and expand performance marketing websites. We are specialized in SEO and BPM systems for efficient workflows and scalable ventures. All websites are in-house and fully owned by us. We are looking for product owners to help us start new websites.

The product owner is fully responsible for a website. This includes website improvements, recruiting / training new members, and long-term planning. You can utilize our systems, workflows, software and other to quickly get started. We have an experienced team of web developers, keyword researchers, link builders and writers that are specialized in driving traffic.

Product owners receive 25-75% in revenue share every month. This wide range depends mostly on how team members are paid. New websites need much content, backlinks, and all-around work in the beginning. Are you interested in starting up a new website? Let us know! We will evaluate your idea and get you in contact with keywords researchers, web developers, and other product owners. They will help you find the best keywords, build your website, and how to hire your own country managers to run the website.

Team members will get their own account on our work site. There you will find your assignments, task instructions, important documents, work updates and more. All tasks need to be submitted on our work site. For communication, we use Slack. You will recive an invitation if your application is considered.

Example Tasks:

1. Website Improvements
2. BPM Improvements

3. Traffic Growth Hacks
4. Find Partnerships
5. Create Advertisements

6. Competitor Research
7. Future Plans Research

8. Recruiting Team Members
9. Training Team Members